Tuesday, June 13, 2023


Multi-national hard rockers, Woyote recently released their new album, "Mother Of The Universe." Its cover artwork was designed by Italian artist, Enrico Zappalà Castorina.

"I reached out to Enrico and explained I wanted a concept of a Mother like figure' this mother is the mother of all mothers, The Universe, Mankind, humanity," explains Woyote's guitarist, Mikey Doling. "We humans' should make here proud as life is a gift... But we as humans are unfortunately falling short of our potential. She is looking over us and loving us anyway unconditionally! Like a Mother does!"

"Mother Of The Universe" is available now. Check it out at linktr.ee/woyote

See more of Enrico Z. Castorina's work at https://www.instagram.com/MontDoom/

Discover more stories about Metal album covers in the book series, And Justice For Art, available at www.andjusticeforart.bigcartel.com

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