Wednesday, June 7, 2023


Revered Death Metal act, Dismember are releasing the 12 LP Box Set, "Historia Mortis," which includes all of the band's studio albums and other assorted rarities.

The box set's front cover (above) and additional illustrations (below) were designed by Italian artist, Daniele Valeriani. "For the front cover artwork of the box the band wanted a sort of coat of arms with Death as main theme and something Lovecraftian," the artist explains to And Justice For Art. "In my mind, I wanted to make something iconic also because this is year they celebrate their 35 year anniversary. So I fused together some of their symbols, the influence of Master illustrator, Seagrave (who did incredible artworks at the beginning of Dismember's career) and other details from the artworks of the other albums of the band. You can see also something reminding Motorhead's artworks as well and at the same time I've added my personal touch."

Valeriani admits the band gave free rein to create the other artworks he designed for the box set. He also "made a new version of their iconic logo full of monsters and demonic being, an insane long work and maybe it will be used for some merch or on stage. This work was also brought to the artwork for the bonus LP where the influences of H.R. Giger or films such as 'Tetsuo' are evident. Hope fans of the band will love it. This box is a must have and for a reasonable price as well. I take this occasion to hail Fred and Richard of mighty Dismember for this collaboration."

"Historia Mortis" will be available via Nuclear Blast on July 21, 2023. Pre-order at

See more of Daniele Valeriani's art at

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