Monday, June 27, 2022

Ferum And Paolo Girardi's Pain Of Duality

Originally formed in Italy, Estonia-based Death Metal band, Ferum, are releasing their debut album, "Asunder/Erode," on August 19, 2022. This recording will feature on the cover an illustration painted by Italian maestro, Paolo Girardi.

Exclusively for And Justice For Art, the members of the band explain they "wanted to represent the pain of duality in human form. One entity that grows into two and violently splits, changes, gives birth to something else, gets infected and becomes out of control." Girardi remembers that "Samantha (Ferum guitarist/singer) told me the title of the album “Asunder/Erode” mostly based on concept of separation and dissolution. She talked about those two Siamese subjects that are suffering, rotting and they carry two monstrous beings. Samantha told me to represent the concept of separation and to be quite minimal. She also told me that she likes warmer hues (red and surroundings) and about her vision of 2 zombie arms/hands opening the belly. So I joined these ideas to some traditional Death Metal covers I grew up with, also based on rot/maggots/organic textures/darkness. Tried to paint a rich background that could be also minimal even in its various details and changing textures . The division between the two characters is like a large and deep scar. The subjects are also full of maggots and they’re horribly rotting. Everything had to have my usual 17th-18th European painting vibes—from the Italian tradition of Caravaggio to painters from Veneto and German/Flemish [tradition]." "We couldn't have chosen a better artist than Paolo Girardi," the band reveals. "His art is just breathtaking. We are very satisfied with the result." "Asunder/Erode" will be available via Avantgarde Music/Unorthodox Emanations. Listen to the album's first single "Halfhead" at Discover more stories about Hard Rock and Metal album covers in the book "And Justice For Art...Live!" still available at:

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