Thursday, June 1, 2023


American Metal act, Emissary (The Original Emissary) is releasing their new digital single, "The Crystal Witch" which features a cover artwork created by USA-based, Japanese artist, Don Yatomi, who has collaborated with the band in previous projects.

“The Crystal Witch is a metaphor. It’s really all about the sorcery of addiction," vocalist Jym Harris comments. "Don Yatomi turned our mascot (Rodney Dangerface aka Rod) into a mad scientist/warlock with stars and stripes on his hat to mimic the Uncle Sam character from the first album. The figure of smoke inside the crystal ball (which is a meth pipe) represents not only an 8-ball, but also infinity, so there’s kind of a lot to unpack there. The lighters at the bottom were 100% Don’s idea and it’s our favorite part of the entire piece."

Don Yatomi adds: “When Jym called me about a new art cover, of course, I jumped at the chance to do more art for Emissary! I love them. What helps me be motivated is their music and their stories, I love the mascots and the ideas behind them. 'The Crystal Witch' image initially felt cliché and an easy visual, but when we started collaborating and exchanging ideas, that’s when the art grew and became something deeper and more complicated. I think we did a good job finalizing the image."

Listen to "The Crystal Witch" at

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Tuesday, May 30, 2023


Behold! This is the complete panoramic sleeve artwork for Cattle Decapitation's new album, "Terrasite." This awesome mixed-media illustration was created by American illustrator, Wes Benscoter , who has been collaborating with the American Extreme Metal band for more than two decades.

The band explains that the cover's creature is the aforementioned "Terrasite—a.k.a., Blattodea Humanis Immortalis, a.k.a., 'Earth-eater, molting from its ootheca as others are beginning to awaken to their new lives. Having endured the tortuous existence of being a Homosapien, they have now re-emerged into a new world, frightened, saddened, confused, PISSED. Re-birthed as a novel variant of human disease, now adapted to the hellish landscape their former lives helped create in order to continue to finish the utter ravaging of its home planet, Earth. As they finds a way."
Notice that this the artwork also features additional creatures and the monolith that has appeared in most of the band's album covers since 2012's "Monolith Of Inhumanity."

"Terrasite" is now available through Metal Blade Records.
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The front cover for "Frontlines" (the debut album by Greek Thrash/Death Metal band, Ascending Olympus) was designed by Giannis Nakos of Remedy Art Design. According to the Greek artist, this apocalyptic vision portrays a "the birth of Mount Olympus, nasty scorched earth Death Metal scenery."

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The complete artwork.

Tuesday, November 15, 2022


American Death Metal pioneers, Obituary, recently announced the upcoming release of their new album, "Dying Of Everything."

The record's sleeve artwork was painted by Polish master painter, Mariusz Lewandowski (1960-2022). Exclusively for And Justice For Art, the estate of the late master artist (1960-2022) has revealed the complete panoramic artwork which can be seem in its entirety in the physical editions of the album (LP, CD). The original oil on canvas painting measures 120 x 60 Centimeters. See it below.

"The piece visible on new Obituary album was made specifically for this band on request and Mariusz called this piece as 'Procession Of Evil,' reveals the painter's son, Marcin Lewandowski. This image belongs to a group of works that feature otherworldly landscapes inhabited by multitudes of bodies and imposing structures. In our interview with Lewandowski for the book "And Justice For Art, Volume 3" he explained that these kind of visions were the result of his attraction "to huge spaces, unreal, foreign places that show the inevitability of human existence. However, I am not a follower of apocalyptic visions. I do not believe in the irrational promise of prolonging life after death, which is why I enjoy what I have here and now."
Obituary's "Dying Of Everything" will be released on January 13, 2023 via Relapse Records and can be pre-ordered on this location. See more of the work of Mariusz Lewandowski and purchase fine prints of artworks at the artist's official website. Discover more stories about album covers in the book "And Justice For Art...Live! Stories About Hard Rock And Heavy Metal Live Album Covers," still available at the official store.

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Municipal Waste's Guitar Attack

Irreverent Thrash metallers, Municipal Waste, just released their seventh album, "Electrified Brain" which features a cover illustration created by Art of James Bousema.

“It was a pleasure collaborating with James Bousema," reveals guitarist, Ryan Waste, to And Justice For Art. "Even though it was our first time working together, we clicked immediately, bonding over classic Heavy Metal album covers and horror films. I had the initial idea of a guitar stabbing through someone’s head and the electric currents charging into their skull, lighting up their brain and eye sockets. The band suggested we use my signature custom guitar, the MW-AX, which is similar to a flying V, but in the shape of the M in our logo. I sent the artist detailed reference shots of the guitar which was built by Rob Gray at RIP Custom Guitars. In reality, the guitar is actually pointy enough to puncture someone."

Ryan says the group "wanted the entire piece to feature one bold, iconic image that would be unmistakable from a distance. A lot of our past album covers have had busier backgrounds, so we narrowed down the focal point for this one. Although James did not sacrifice any detail on the head of this undead Heavy Metal rocker. From the dangly dagger earring, chipped teeth, broken strings and gory brain bits to the flying gnarly eyeball, we left it up to the audience to decide if our electrified 'victim was in pain or enlightened by the surge of power! Either way I think it encompasses the aggressive nature of the band while simultaneously exuding our infectious high energy.”

"Electrified Brain" is now available via Nuclear Blast. Check more information at Municipal Waste's bandcamp

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Monday, June 27, 2022

Ferum And Paolo Girardi's Pain Of Duality

Originally formed in Italy, Estonia-based Death Metal band, Ferum, are releasing their debut album, "Asunder/Erode," on August 19, 2022. This recording will feature on the cover an illustration painted by Italian maestro, Paolo Girardi.

Exclusively for And Justice For Art, the members of the band explain they "wanted to represent the pain of duality in human form. One entity that grows into two and violently splits, changes, gives birth to something else, gets infected and becomes out of control." Girardi remembers that "Samantha (Ferum guitarist/singer) told me the title of the album “Asunder/Erode” mostly based on concept of separation and dissolution. She talked about those two Siamese subjects that are suffering, rotting and they carry two monstrous beings. Samantha told me to represent the concept of separation and to be quite minimal. She also told me that she likes warmer hues (red and surroundings) and about her vision of 2 zombie arms/hands opening the belly. So I joined these ideas to some traditional Death Metal covers I grew up with, also based on rot/maggots/organic textures/darkness. Tried to paint a rich background that could be also minimal even in its various details and changing textures . The division between the two characters is like a large and deep scar. The subjects are also full of maggots and they’re horribly rotting. Everything had to have my usual 17th-18th European painting vibes—from the Italian tradition of Caravaggio to painters from Veneto and German/Flemish [tradition]." "We couldn't have chosen a better artist than Paolo Girardi," the band reveals. "His art is just breathtaking. We are very satisfied with the result." "Asunder/Erode" will be available via Avantgarde Music/Unorthodox Emanations. Listen to the album's first single "Halfhead" at Discover more stories about Hard Rock and Metal album covers in the book "And Justice For Art...Live!" still available at:

Sunday, May 8, 2022

New book "And Justice For Art...Live!" now available.

The new book "And Justice For Art...Live!" is finally available...for limited time. This is the first book in the history of heavy music dedicated to tell the stories behind hundreds of live albums. The book includes 240 color pages and over 500 images and stories about many iconic live recordings like Iron Maiden's "Live After Death," Helloween's "Live In The U.K.," Pantera's "Official Live," Metallica's "Through The Never," Sodom's "Mortal Way Of Live," and many others.

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Monday, August 23, 2021


 Danish Melodic Death Metal act, LIVLØS just unveiled the cover artwork for the upcoming new album, “And Then There Were None.”

"The artwork was created by acclaimed Polish artist, Mariusz Lewandowski, whose art matched LIVLØS’ artistic vision" the band revealed to And Justice For Art. They explain that the image depicts "Death, which finds himself lost in despair, both as a result of the massive workload that cosmos has bestowed upon him, but also due to a sorrowful pity he feels for our indomitable doom and the good people that must also follow him. This cosmic plan can therefore also be translated into deeply personal matters. The pains of Death are insolubly connected to life and love, and we are for the most part all equal in the cycle of being and its eternal duality - we are born into this world and must live with everything that this includes, and in turn, wither, say goodbye and die."

Regarding the concept and the presence of fire in the artwork, Mariusz Lewandowski, comments: "Fire was the leitmotif of the graphics of the new LIVLØS album. Fire that can destroy, annihilate with its power, and at the same time has creative power. After all, diamonds are born in a monstrous fire, gold acquires its magnificent properties and unprecedented beauty in the fiery depths of the stars, and this is how it could be exchanged for a long time." He also says that the band had a "very professional approach, leaving full creative freedom to the subject, which made working on the graphics a pure pleasure."

"And Then There Were None" will be released on October 22, 2021, via Napalm Records

Pre-Order at:

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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Mariana from DC Wonders talk about "...And Justice For Art - Volume 3"

Mariana from Canada and the host of the Youtube channel, Dc Wonders, is one of the Executive Producers on the new "And Justice For Art" book and wrote a brief afterword for it. She just sent us this brief video after receiving her copy of the book.

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Monday, February 15, 2021


The wait is over! Pre-orders for the new book "...And Justice For Art - Volume 3" are now open! The book features 260 glossy color pages, 431 images, plus 102 interviews and exclusive comments. Approximately 300 copies are still available. Every copy comes with an exclusive marker and signed by the author.

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