Friday, December 22, 2023


Norwegian Black/Prog Metal legends, Borknagar, just unveiled the cover of their upcoming new album, "Fall." Its cover artwork was designed by Israeli master artist, Eliran Kantor.

"We wanted to portray the grandeur of nature," Kantor comments. "I went through the lyrics and immediately found several references to what I felt when listening to the music. It takes you to being alone and witnessing the loud pulse of nature, and since I wanted to portray something that won't repeat the mountain of [the band's previous album] 'True North' or any old Borknagar covers, I thought about the thundering thump of water. I thought about standing at the bottom of a waterfall, looking up at the evening sky when the rays of light color the sky in unique tones for a brief moment just before the sun sets, and all you can hear is the constant force of the water crashing down. Streams and drops hitting against the rocks, and below, we see a hint of wooden wreckage, clearly man-made, and nature takes its time to overcome it, drop by drop with the years it break down man's proud creation."

Borknagar's "Fall" will be released through Century Media Records and can be pre-ordered at
Kantor and Borknagar are featured in the book series "And Justice For Art: Stories About Heavy Metal Album Covers," exclusively available at

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