Monday, July 10, 2023


Canadian extreme metallers, Cryptopsy, will release their first album in ten years, "As Gomorrah Burns” on September 8, 2023 via Nuclear Blast.

The magnificently apocalyptic cover artwork was painted by Paolo Girardi using oils on pasteboard and tries to reflect the themes of the album's songs. "Conceptually, 'As Gomorrah Burns' pits the Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah against the modern-day Internet," the band's members collectively comment in a press release. "[The] idea was to show how it’s both the birthplace of invention and a cesspool of exploitation. The stories are based on real-life incidences—online stalkers, cults, misinformation, isolation, and intimidation—but ornamented deviously to enhance their potency. Cryptopsy commissioned Paolo Girardi to complement the old-world lyrical themes."

"Cryptopsy wanted the monster from [the album] 'Whisper Supremacy' flying in an European classic landscape with a burning town below," the Italian artist explains to And Justice For Art. "The colors are also taken from Baroque/Renaissance tradition with their cool/warm contrasts. I developed the monster as a more horrifying creature, but without changing its original nature/shape, of course." See the original artwork (without band logo or album title) below.
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