Thursday, June 1, 2023


American Metal act, Emissary (The Original Emissary) is releasing their new digital single, "The Crystal Witch" which features a cover artwork created by USA-based, Japanese artist, Don Yatomi, who has collaborated with the band in previous projects.

“The Crystal Witch is a metaphor. It’s really all about the sorcery of addiction," vocalist Jym Harris comments. "Don Yatomi turned our mascot (Rodney Dangerface aka Rod) into a mad scientist/warlock with stars and stripes on his hat to mimic the Uncle Sam character from the first album. The figure of smoke inside the crystal ball (which is a meth pipe) represents not only an 8-ball, but also infinity, so there’s kind of a lot to unpack there. The lighters at the bottom were 100% Don’s idea and it’s our favorite part of the entire piece."

Don Yatomi adds: “When Jym called me about a new art cover, of course, I jumped at the chance to do more art for Emissary! I love them. What helps me be motivated is their music and their stories, I love the mascots and the ideas behind them. 'The Crystal Witch' image initially felt cliché and an easy visual, but when we started collaborating and exchanging ideas, that’s when the art grew and became something deeper and more complicated. I think we did a good job finalizing the image."

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