Monday, August 23, 2021


 Danish Melodic Death Metal act, LIVLØS just unveiled the cover artwork for the upcoming new album, “And Then There Were None.”

"The artwork was created by acclaimed Polish artist, Mariusz Lewandowski, whose art matched LIVLØS’ artistic vision" the band revealed to And Justice For Art. They explain that the image depicts "Death, which finds himself lost in despair, both as a result of the massive workload that cosmos has bestowed upon him, but also due to a sorrowful pity he feels for our indomitable doom and the good people that must also follow him. This cosmic plan can therefore also be translated into deeply personal matters. The pains of Death are insolubly connected to life and love, and we are for the most part all equal in the cycle of being and its eternal duality - we are born into this world and must live with everything that this includes, and in turn, wither, say goodbye and die."

Regarding the concept and the presence of fire in the artwork, Mariusz Lewandowski, comments: "Fire was the leitmotif of the graphics of the new LIVLØS album. Fire that can destroy, annihilate with its power, and at the same time has creative power. After all, diamonds are born in a monstrous fire, gold acquires its magnificent properties and unprecedented beauty in the fiery depths of the stars, and this is how it could be exchanged for a long time." He also says that the band had a "very professional approach, leaving full creative freedom to the subject, which made working on the graphics a pure pleasure."

"And Then There Were None" will be released on October 22, 2021, via Napalm Records

Pre-Order at:

Those interested in knowing more about Mariusz Lewandowski and his work, we recommend that you check out the book "And Justice For Art - Stories About Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Album Covers" exclusively available at:


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